Thursday, 21 May 2009


Cherry blossom in the garden :)

and a picture from my final A-Level Photography project on 'Colour and Detail'

Last ever day of college tomorrow, eee. Weird. Cool. Exciting. Can't wait :D 
And then the ball in the evening, which is of course gonna be a highly glamorous affair! *cough* The ball, in, er, Paignton. Followed by 'avin it large in Torquay. Yes indeed we're a classy bunch...
Sorted out what I'm gonna wear though, booya. Little black dress lots of gold and sparkles and witchy cat boots :) 

Also, very excited for the summer! Kicks off with a trip to Barcelonaaaa next month, and a little excursion to the Sonar festival. Holy fuck I'm excited. Ahhh. Ahhh!!! Sonar music Las Ramblas tapas beer sun people buildings beach buskers smoke city lights fountains fun and frolicks... and not much sleep... S'gonna be a right old adventure! I should probably learn some Spanish??

Then there's Le Grande Vert at the end of July...
Yes. Yes yes please. Tipis, and green, and sunshine, and friends, and music, and stalls, and stars, and pancakes at 4am, and lanterns, and burlesque and booty and mud and chai tea and lots and lots of chilled out good times :) Well, hopefully I shall be going.

And then BESTIVAAAALLLLL in September! 
Oh my christ. Can't get over the lineup for that either, wooooooo! 

So lots of nice sociable things on the horizon. And summertime here, and parties and plans and the never-ending quest for money and generally getting all I can from life, as much as possible. It's amazing how numb I was until a few months ago. Now I'm feeling better - feeling better most of the time, not all the time, and I don't think I'll ever be able to fully shake this off as it'll always be a part of me, as it's happened and it's done and it's what I experienced - but everything is just clear and sharp and feels extra strong, and extra special, and a bit overwhelming a lot of the time, but in a good way. It's like I was in a bubble and I could still see out, but was never quite present, everything was just tainted by.... well, me. And now the bubble's burst, and I'm in touch again, with you and me and the weather and those smiles and kisses and tears and oh my GOD to have energy again, jesus. I always thought I was lazy but I wasn't, I just didn't have the energy. To do or feel anything really, honestly. 
I'm getting myself back yo :) I'm getting there. Hoo-bloody-rah.

Rambling rambling... ramble ramble bramble candles. Blackberry brambles rambling through the candles and picking through thorns in berry coloured sandals. Oh yes. The hedgerows are absolutely GORGEOUS this time of year, this part of the world. So green and lively :) 

Anyway! I'll leave you with a nice picture of a beautiful fantastic woman who I love a lot a lot a lot <3 Digging the look she's got going on here too. Looks a bit like me. Haha.