Friday, 30 October 2009

Hallowe'en Beauty

Absolutely FUCKING LOVE John Galliano's runway makeup for Spring 2010, Oh my! It's so wild. It's like Mary Antoinette gone punk, haunted Jane Eyres, doll-faced mannequins on really bad acid, all shadowy and ashen and sexy and hedonistic... Ooohhh I seriously love it. I'm thinking perhaps an attempt at something similar for tomorrow, All Hallow's Eve? Witches' playtime.

It's gonna be exactly one year since mine and Kezzie's *wonderful* magical Hallowe'en in Norway, down on the fjord with all our candles and all the stillness... For some reason I have always absolutely loved Hallowe'en - not all the plastic pumpkins and 'Scream' masks and hyper little kids up to their eyeballs with sugar, don't get me wrong - I always just... it's so cosy, with the fire lit, and its like, getting rid of the old, starting afresh...
Enough brambling on and on.

Just bloody well LOOK at these incredible, beautiful works of art! Eeeeee they make me want to train as a makeup artist and do stuff like this <3

Friday, 16 October 2009

Off to Nottingham...

... in about half an hour. Got a huge, huge supply of new music to listen to plus a good book - Rough Music by Patrick Gale - to make the drive bearable! Though I'm hoping that my laptop will have enough battery for me to watch a few episodes of Criminal Justice instead, as I actually cannot be bothered to read in the car and get all seasick in the backseat. Bleeurrgh.

Anyway. Had to quickly post up these amazing drawings for some of the storyboards of The Clangers - Oh My Gaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwssshhhh I love them!!
The love was rekindled last night upon finding Harry's toy Clanger after we'd had two bottles of champagne, some beer and some rum. It was so cute, and it starts babbling away in it's little ridiculous language when you squeeze it's tummy, or sit on it, if you're Karis and rolling around drunkenly on Harry's bed.

Oh my god.


Monday, 12 October 2009

Nocturnal Slices of the Moon

When I try and sleep at night, I can hear the pair of owls in the graveyard calling to each other - a sort of muffled "coo" - and I find their musical tones lull me into my pillow...

The sound of them softly hooting to each other through the darkness is so reassuring and romantic, haha. Nocturnal love birds nesting in the trees. It's all at once a bit lonely and melancholy, but soothing and so peaceful, I love it, I love them. I'm not really sure what sort of owls they are but I thiiiiink they're probably... Tawny owls?

Actually one of my favourite books of all time!