Friday, 30 October 2009

Hallowe'en Beauty

Absolutely FUCKING LOVE John Galliano's runway makeup for Spring 2010, Oh my! It's so wild. It's like Mary Antoinette gone punk, haunted Jane Eyres, doll-faced mannequins on really bad acid, all shadowy and ashen and sexy and hedonistic... Ooohhh I seriously love it. I'm thinking perhaps an attempt at something similar for tomorrow, All Hallow's Eve? Witches' playtime.

It's gonna be exactly one year since mine and Kezzie's *wonderful* magical Hallowe'en in Norway, down on the fjord with all our candles and all the stillness... For some reason I have always absolutely loved Hallowe'en - not all the plastic pumpkins and 'Scream' masks and hyper little kids up to their eyeballs with sugar, don't get me wrong - I always just... it's so cosy, with the fire lit, and its like, getting rid of the old, starting afresh...
Enough brambling on and on.

Just bloody well LOOK at these incredible, beautiful works of art! Eeeeee they make me want to train as a makeup artist and do stuff like this <3

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