Saturday, 21 February 2009

Daler-Rowney Pastel Paper (6 Assorted Colours)

I kept a diary whilst I went to Norway with Kesella last year, which I wrote in an old sketch book... though it ran out of paper, so had to write on the sheets of tracing paper which go between each page to protect your art from smudging. It's quite a nostalgic little book, I got it really young and it's full of my old drawings. One of some dolphins swimming by a shoal of red fish and seahorses. Pine trees in the snow and people sledging down hills (bit of a coincidence, seeing where I ended up - snowy Scandinavia). A pastel drawing of the elephant at Sands which I did on my last day there... I remember drawing it, it was a sunny day and I was sitting by myself under the magnolia tree, feeling kinda sad and serene and tranquil.
That is going off topic.
Point is, I'm gonna write up my Norway diary on here, just so there's a more permanent record of it really, but if you'd be interested in reading it that's a bonus :) Would love to do more travelling in the future... Rome, Paris, Venice, Florence, Oslo, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona (again)... There's a wholleee woooorld out there! Totnes feels very small sometimes.

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