Sunday, 29 August 2010


Right, hot chocolate is ON. Definitely a good idea right now.
Anyhoo. . . so. . .Dartmouth regatta last night was luscious fun; special props to the Fun Fair massive!
I can hardly bare to watch people go on the rides though, christ. Freddy's Revenge - raaarrrrghhh  - equated to some fucking hideous death snake, spinning and spinning and spinning around SO fast that it all blurred together into one big unpleasant black hole D:
Bare harsh astronaut training.
Or something.
People seem to dig it though so I guess it's all cool. It was fun to be there anyway :) Nice fireworks too.

Been very sociable recently and I'm loving it! Seriously, friends are so good.
I feel very lucky to have such wicked people in my life to be honest. Never forget your friends :)

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