Monday, 12 January 2009


For my final piece of Photography coursework I'm basing my images on lyrics by singer/songwriter Chloë March. Her songwriting is totally gorgeous and the lyrics spark my imagination so much, so I'm really excited about this project. There are a lot of photographic possibilities to explore!

Check out her site: 

Whichever way you swing :) She is also my auntie! Which makes me feel very proud - there is indeed hope for us to follow our creative passi
ons... Her voice is incredible, if you like mystical sounding melodies and electronic piano/synth based music... Have a listen.
Hearing her sing and play the piano in my Gran's living room is one of the most wonderful things!

~* ~* So, the song I've chosen to base my final prints on is called 'Wolvish'. I'm thinking wintery, raggedy girl in the words, standing amongst some silver birches... She's shed her cloak and is freeee and animalistic. Strong. Fierce but not malicious. Pale face and dark eyes, wild hair. This pic was quite inspiring also, by artist Warwick Goble (what a brilliant name!) -

I was going to go and do this shoot today, with Alexa as my model, however the weather was against me! Absolutely PISSING IT DOWN. Bless Alexa, she'd even brought her red-riding hood cloak into college. Gah... Annoying British climate.
One good thing about the rain is that it wasn't so cold today and I could leave the house with only FOUR layers on, as opposed to the usual six, haha.


  1. Well nice, i hope the weather is better tomarrow. I suppose you could say its a monday (i personally think that mondays are a drag).

  2. The weather was much nicer, there was actually warmth in the sun :)
    Oh I'd have to agree with you about mondays! There's just something about them? I think it's the fact you're as far away from the weekend as possible...